Ben Olsen at Houston - 2013
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Post-Match Quotes: March 3, 2013


Thoughts on the match
Bill [Hamid] came up big in the first half to at least make the game doable for us and I thought the second half was good.

Thoughts on playing the Dynamo
It’s always a pretty entertaining matchup between us and Houston. I give credit to them. It’s a tough team to play here and you just have to take your chances.

On dealing with Houston’s physicality
I think physically they are tough to deal with. Between [Giles] Barnes and [Will] Bruin it’s a long night for center backs. I think we cleaned that up a little bit and started winning more second balls in the second half. We got a hold of the ball better in the second half but they do a good job here.


Thoughts on the match
I think opening day there are still some kinks and you have to battle for the right to play. We bent but didn’t break until the own goal and it happens. If it happens to anyone I would rather it be me, because I think I’m strong enough to bounce back.

On the own goal
We were battling and it came over his head. I thought he may have been able to jump and I just wanted to jump a bit to throw him off.


Thoughts on the match
We had a couple chances on a breakout but other than that they had the majority of the opportunities. I thought in the second half we started moving the ball. People wanted the ball and got on the ball. I didn’t see that in the first half.

It’s expected in the first 25 minutes of the first half of the year that it’s going to be hectic. They were on the ball and wanted the ball. I thought we were hiding from it and I don’t understand why.


Thoughts on the match
I was really happy with the win. It was a great way to start the season for a number of reasons. We get three points and get to keep the home streak going. You want to start the season with a win and that was a tough opponent we played. It was a great first half and I thought we came out sluggish in the second half. We got it going after a little while. The goal gave us confidence and it was great work in the corner and a great finish by Ricardo [Clark]. It’s a great three points and we just start thinking about Tuesday.

On what made the difference in the second half
There was a play where Corey made an overlap and got a corner out of it. The sheer effort lifted everyone and sprung us to a bit more energy. We were trying to do a little too much. Bill Hamid made some great saves in the first half to keep them at zeroes. I’m glad we recovered and some times a single play can lift you.

On Warren Creavalle’s performance
Good play by him, Will and Brian in the corner. [Warren] came on right away and made a difference for us winning some balls and played some good passes. You want guys when they come off the bench to keep it as is or improve the play with the energy. It’s good to see Warren ready to come in and make an impact.

On Ricardo Clark’s energy
That’s just him. He is all about energy and covering ground. I think in the first half he was going forward a little too early. If he receiving the ball with his back to goal, it’s not the best for him. Just the amount of work he puts in, he covers as much ground as anyone and that’s the same on a daily basis.


Thoughts on the match
Everyone came out with a lot of energy. We could have had a few goals in the first half. We kept pushing. We had strong performances from most guys. The soccer wasn’t the prettiest at times but everyone kept pushing. We always have a good record at home and we wanted to take advantage of that. Thankfully we did with the win.

On the first goal
To be honest, I didn’t even see the ball go in. I saw the ball in the net. I just tried to get my body in the way and create as much havoc as possible. I was able to make some sort of effect on the goal and whatever happened after that happened. All I was happy about was that the ball was in the back of the net.