2012 fan favorite memories

2012's Best: Fan's favorite moments

In a recent survey, we asked fans to submit their favorite moments of D.C. United's memorable 2012 season. In a season that saw the team making the playoffs for the first time in five years, and earning the best home record in the league, you spoke up and below are a sampling of the results from the survey:

D.C. United clinches a playoff berth on October 20:

My favorite memory of 2012 was LEWIS NEAL's goal that put D.C. United back into the playoffs for the first time in 5 years. That goal really gave United fans something to cheer about. - Ben Wellman

The electricity at RFK vs. Columbus. The place was on fire! Probably the most energy I've felt at a sporting event. - Elizabeth Deerinwater/@EDeerinwater

When Branko no-looked that pass to Lewis Neal and he slotted it home. Being in the Nest hasn't felt like that in a long time. - Kyle Lewis

My Favorite memory of 2012 was when I attended the last home game vs Columbus Crew and Lewis Neal secured us in the playoffs with a last minute goal in injury time and put us up 3-2. Everyone in the stands were jumping and cheering, it felt like we were a family celebrating together. - Willie Vasquez/@WillieSLV

Eastern Conference semifinal series vs New York:

The trip to NY for the Second Leg of the Conference Semifinal. With the snow and bad weather but the atmosphere in the stands of the 700+ DC United Loyal fans. - Jonathan Vidaurre

Being in the stands at Red Bull Arena for the cancelled play off game and cheering for the team and having them climb up with us. #700 - Kimberly Orr/@kimorr62

Being 1 of the few that went to NY both days, in the snow & cold and watching for 2 hours while the Red Bulls tried to clear the field only to cancel & then returning the next day to bring home a win! And didn't get fired! (Thanks Benny) - Lori Shaw/@1Unitedfan4life

Taking the bus to NJ in the snow only to have the game cancelled after spending hours outside chanting in the storm. The camaraderie was phenomenal and the team spirit was up-lifting. We beat the Red Bulls in the end which is all that really mattered. - Heidi Newman

Going up with our supporters to both of the NY away playoff games and getting to watch one of the most memorable games in DC United history! - Nolan Gonzalez/@nolangonzalez

Advancing the the Eastern Conference Finals:

The moment we beat Red Bulls 1-0 in NJ and DeLeon scored the winning goal after all the dramatic moments. It was probably one of the most nerve wrecking games for sure. - Jeffray Reyes/@shiftysb

Joe Willis penalty save against New York. - Jon Wergin

Knocking out the Pink Cows from the playoffs after they refused to play in the snow. - Dan Cseplo

When Nick DeLeon scored the game winner vs NY Red bulls in the quarter finals of the MLS cup. I went crazy when he scored. - Johan Gomez/@Yes_itsjohan

Spanking the Scum (AKA NY Red Bull) out of the playoffs; despite all the crap United had to go through to get it done. - Martin Fernandez/@unitedmania

More great moments from 2012:

Slaughtering the Metroscum at home 4-1 with a Pontius hat trick. ¡Vamos United! - Jarrett Lynn Donkle/@Duke_dog43

The time Chris Pontius EMBARASSED Thierry Henry to score the first goal in his hat trick during that cold, wet, and awesome home win against the Red Bulls in April. - Everett Whiteley/@RhettDC

My best memory of D.C United this year is when they made it to the finals of the Eastern Conference. Even though we lost, we made it far after a long time, in the playoffs. I'm so proud of being a DCU fan. - Anna Vallejo/@AEV_annita3