Q&A with Will Chang

Pablo Sandoval (World Series MVP); Will Chang; Marco Scutaro (NLCS MVP); Gregor Blanco (World Series Gold Glove) are tuned in to United's playoff run


What is it like to win a second World Series?
Will Chang: Just as exciting as the first. In some ways, this time around was more satisfying, because we overcame so much more adversity, surviving six elimination games.

How does it compare to your first title with the Giants?
WC: We had more than one million fans come out to the victory parade in 2010. I was surprised to see just as many fans come out and cheer us on yesterday.

Is there anything you learned during the team's post-season run that you could share with D.C. United?
WC: Hunter Pence inspired the team with an emotional speech and a huddle when our backs were against the wall. We do this in soccer, as well, but this kind of team bonding is rare in baseball, where the focus is more on individual performance. The lesson learned is that “teamwork” is a very powerful weapon.

Do players on the Giants ask you about MLS and D.C. United?
WC: Yes, particularly from our players who are from countries, like Venezuela, where soccer is a big part of their culture. Given our style of play and the iconic players we've fielded throughout the years, many have become avid D.C. United fans.

Knowing you're headed to DC, how excited are you for Saturday’s match?
WC: I am very excited to have D.C. United back in the playoffs and I am really looking forward to being in RFK this Saturday to cheer our boys on. Vamos United!