Supporters at Philadelphia

“The best road performance I’ve seen from them ever”

Cultivated over 221 games as a player and through threeseasons as a coach, Ben Olsen has a better understanding than most as to whatD.C. United’s fans are capable of. From tifo bearing his bearded likeness to cheering heartily throughwhatever Washington weather malady might arise, there is little the club’siconic supporters could do that – at this point - would surprise Olsen.  

Until Saturday.

“That was unbelievable tonight,” the second-year head coach said of the morethan 500 D.C. fans that traveled alongside the Black-and-Red to PPL Park.  “It’s the best road performance I’veseen from them ever.”

The traveling contingent were certainly deserving of Olsen’srecognition.  Despite beingoutnumbered 35 to 1 by the Union’s sell-out crowd, United’s fans could be heardthroughout the entirety of Saturday's tense affair.  Barredfrom bringing flags or overhead tifo inside, the road warriors used noise – andlots of it - to get their point across.

“Words can’t explain what that means to us as players to seethat on the field,” Brandon McDonald said afterwards.  “That gives us more fight, more determination when we go outand play.”

“It was massive, to come out there and see the support inthat corner,” added D.C. captain Dwayne De Rosario.  “We are very blessed and fortunate to have fans like those.”

Flanked by a team of about twenty security personnel, thegroup occupied every last seat of PPL Park’s Section 132.

“Definitely worth the drive,” said Steve Shaw, an eight-yearmember of Barra Brava who made the two-hour trip from D.C. to Chester.  “The heart that this team has goes handin hand with the support we give them. We gave them ninety minutes because we knew they were going to give usninety minutes.”