DC boss Ben Olsen welcomes draft pick Perry Kitchen to the club.
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Entrance Exam: Q&A with DC rookie Kitchen

Day 3 of MLSsoccer.com’s Entrance Exam takes a look at the third pick in the draft, D.C. United’s Perry Kitchen.

A US youth international who recently turned 19, Kitchen was a member of the University of Akron’s national championship team in 2010 and is a projected starter for United along the back line.

MLSsoccer.com Question 1: What’s been the most unexpected difference between MLS and college so far?

Kitchen: Unexpected difference? Um ... I don’t really know, honestly.

MLSsoccer.com: There’s nothing that’s sort of come out of the blue? Something that caught you by surprise?

Kitchen: Not really. I mean, I knew it was going to be faster and more physical. I don’t even know if I have an answer for that. Maybe once the season starts, I might, but as far as now, I don’t.

MLSsoccer.com Question 2: Which veterans have provided the most guidance, and in what way?

Kitchen: I would go with Josh Wolff and Santino Quaranta. They've just helped me on the field and told me that I need to be good on my communication. I’m a talker so I like to organize and stuff like that, and they just told me that I need to keep doing that and I need to hold them accountable. Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I can’t do that.

MLSsoccer.com Question 3: It’s the MLS Cup final, it’s tied, and it’s heading to penalties. Do you want to be one of the five penalty-takers?

Kitchen: Definitely. Definitely. I mean, you just go up there, and you know, take it. It’s just you and the goal, so I’m not afraid to do that.

MLSsoccer.com: Even as a more defensive-minded player, that’s something that you would want the responsibility for?

Kitchen: Yeah, definitely.

MLSsoccer.com: Do you think your coach would want a rookie taking one of those five kicks?


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Kitchen: Yeah, I think Ben Olsen, if you show him the confidence that you’re willing to take it, then he doesn’t have a problem with a rookie or whoever taking it.

MLSsoccer.com Question 4: Staying with the theme of putting the ball in the net, do you have a goal celebration worked out, or will you just be spontaneous if you happen to get one?

Kitchen: [Laughs] Yeah, definitely spontaneous. I will probably just run around. ... I don’t like to coordinate.

MLSsoccer.com: So no back-flip coming from you?

Kitchen: Definitely not, definitely not.

MLSsoccer.com Question 5: Is there anything you’d like to say to the hardcore DC fans?

Kitchen: Yeah: Just keep supporting us. We’re going to go out there and give it our all. Hopefully you guys are behind us 100 percent throughout the journey.

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