Selected quotes from press conference

Kevin Payne, President & CEO: "As we spent more and more time talking with Ben, I think it became more apparent that Ben has already grown substantially."

Payne: "Congratulations to Ben, I'm confident that he will do a great job as our Head Coach."

Dave Kasper, General Manager: "Ben just gets it... I know we've made the right decision."

Ben Olsen, Head Coach: "Personally a lot has happened in a year for me.... I am very, very confident at this point that I can lead this team."


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Olsen: "I will assemble a very knowledgeable staff to help me every step of the way. I have already asked Chad Ashton to come on board."

Olsen: "We have a way of playing at D.C. United that I want to get back to. The commitment, the energy, the passion all need to come back."

Olsen: "This is something I don't take lightly. I will restore the pride to #DCU on the field and in the community."

Payne: "Ben asked me to keep an open mind in this process, and Dave [Kasper] and I did. The right person to lead our team is Ben."

Payne: "A lot of the critical qualities that we thought were necessary Ben has as a Head Coach."

Olsen: "This is my team. It's my job on the line now. I think coming off of playing with guys in this League has its advantages."

Olsen: "I'm probably one of the few coaches that remembers what it's like to be a player, most guys forget very quickly."