D.C. United at Colorado Rapids - October 2, 2010

Post-match quotes: D.C. United 0 - San Jose Earthquakes 2




On Jaime Moreno’s red card:
It’s disappointing. Very disappointing I’m disappointed for him. I’ve heard of what happened, I’ve heard it wasn’t much. And it changed the course of the game. And at that point, you know, it becomes kind of a different type of game. You know, it’s not really fun from that point on. You know, the first half was good, the second half wasn’t.

On whether or not he saw the play that resulted in the red cards:
I didn’t see anything. It’s exhausting, you know, with these guys, it’s exhausting. It just takes everything out of you, with the way they deal with these games.

On the officiating:
I didn’t understand why they would have the same referee crew for our game again two weeks later after what went down, but you know, whoever made those rules, made that decision, and I think tonight you see why they shouldn’t do that. But, you know, in the end, regardless of the referee, we still have issues. It wasn’t their fault tonight. It was our fault and we fouled up two plays again. We gotta live with it. Every play counts. This league is getting better. It’s a hell of a goal from the kid. I give Wondolowski a lot of credit. The guys had a great year and he’s very opportunistic and he’s a big part of why they’re in the playoffs. So he did a great job on the goal. The other one, we missed.



On being sent off:
Basically I was punched and I pushed him back and [Hernandez] headbutted me. I don’t know what the linesman saw, but there is no respect from these people – nothing. I would like him to show my what I did, but I got sent off and I didn’t even retaliate. I don’t know what they saw.

On the altercation:
Yeah, that was it. I was pushed and headbutted to the ground.


On playing with ten men:
Obviously going down to ten men was drawback for us. Now we had no one to play into. We had one guy up top, and that doesn’t play to our style right now. That said, the guys gave everything like they have all season, we just couldn’t make it work.

On controlling possession:
I don’t think they really touched the ball in the first half. We dominated possession, we just fell asleep on our marks, and a guy [Wondolowski] that has been scoring goals all year converted his chance.

On the first goal:
Honestly, we just fell asleep. We were not aware of what was going on around us, and we let the ball bounce in the box, and give [Wondolowski] credit, he put the ball in a very tough spot. I’m the first person that if I thought I should have it to hold my hands up, but I don’t think I really had a chance. He put that ball in the corner and hit it with a lot of pace.

On the second goal:
On the second goal, I have to put more on it with my punch, but I put it in the best spot I could have off to the side. It was a weird ball. It took a little deflection on the way in, but saying that I just have to be better.


On the Earthquakes’ defending:
We did a good job defending against a team that was desperate, desperately trying to score. So I’m very pleased with our performance.

On adjusting after the two red cards:
We had kind of a makeshift-ish team at times. We had to move Bobby [Convey] back. In the second half we moved Scotty [Sealy] to right-side midfield which looked better. … I thought D.C. did a good job of exposing us to be honest. Without a ton of room, close chances, they had a lot of efforts around the goal that could have went in. I thought they deserved a goal before the half, but you know, we stole it a bit with the goal right at half time. I think that when we got into halftime we had a good talk, and we went to our 4-4-1. I thought we were very good in the second half. I thought we moved the ball well, broke up their plays and nearly had a couple more so I was happy with the performance.


On the two red cards:
I thought it was obviously a difficult start for both teams when there’s a double red card like that. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever had that happen in a game. So it kind of slowed the game down a little bit. But other than that, in those games, it’s kind of whoever scores first.

On the Earthquakes’ improvements as a squad:
We’ve added good players. We added a few last year, a few this year. We haven’t had many injuries. We just have a team work ethic here. Everybody plays for each other, everyone wants to win. We have no individuals. This is a team that I think John [Doyle] and Frank [Yallop] have been trying to build.

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