Post-match quotes: D.C. United 2 – Philadelphia Union 0

On the first goal

We‚ve had a lot of those moments this year that didn't go for us but this one worked out. It's been so long I didn't know if we knew how to play with the lead but I thought right when we did score, we actually didn't - we dropped off a little bit too much and we forgot about what got us to that point, and that is pressure on the ball. Second half we come out with the right mentality and I thought really dictated a good half of soccer. Killed the game in the proper way, the possession was right and the bite was there. I told the guys afterwards it's been such a long, hard season it's nice to be rewarded sometimes in a year that we‚ve had very few moments of joy but to remember what it took, and it took 11 guys. We have had games where it‚s been nine or ten [guys] but in this League, unfortunately, it takes 11 guys all doing their part and I think you saw that today. Now we can breathe for a day and then get back at it because I think these guys hopefully want some more of that.

On Andy Najar
I think [Najar] is just a joy to watch, he plays every game like there's not going to be one next week for him - like someone's going to take it away from him next game. And it's nice to see, it's been great. What in a lot of ways I'm most happy about is zero goals, that's a big feat and that's probably more impressive than Danny [Allsopp]'s two goals right now.

On preparing for Philadelphia
We concern ourselves enough with that but it wasn't a week where we completely focused on them. I think it was time to focus on ourselves a little bit and our deficiencies. We could have had a lot of games like this this year if the first goal goes in - it's a very crucial point in a game, it takes a little steam out of the team. Today it happens so hopefully we can continue to go forward.

On scoring first

Getting that first goal just takes a load off, you know? We came out and fought well, the conditions were great, because the rain cooled us down when it felt really humid. All eleven guys out there made a difference along with the guys that came on [as substitutes] to change the game. It takes effort to win games, everyone was positive, and to be honest I thought from minute one we were going to win and that we were the better team.

On United's fluid attack
We wanted to win the game more than they did - that's what it came down to tonight. Give Peter Nowak credit - he's a great guy and he knows the game, but we came out with an intent to win today and no one was going to take this from us. We all chipped in to make sure the goals came.

On winning during his first United start

This is what every new player wishes for their career at a new club. You always want to have a good start with the team, and I am proud everybody today.

On United's mentality
I think we have always known that we have good players. We are working for each other and doing everything that we can to improve the results. The little things we have been working on have paid off, and tonight that shone through with the win.

On the fans
Yeah, I'm feeling good and bit tired. That said, it's easy to get excited at home when you have a great crowd like D.C. United - it's easy to play hard.

On winning at home

It's great. I think it's just a relief, and we are just going to try and enjoy it for a day or two.

On scoring early
It's always hard to chase games. [Scoring early] takes a bit of the pressure off, when other teams are up they recover a lot easier, and I thought it was the reverse today. We needed another goal in the second half and we got it at a good time.

On celebrating the first goal
I've had a bit of a virus for the past couple of days, and I was busting my backside trying to get in the box. It was just a relief [to score] and I was running around all over the place.

On the game

I told the guys in the locker room, I’m extremely disappointed, not only with the result, but with the way we played. There was no substance in the whole game today. From the back, with the simple mistake we could have cleaned up, and in the overall game, even offensively, I think that was the worst performance I’ve seen in the eight months with this team. I think we have to be real about the situation that this stuff is not going to fly with me.

On improving in the future
We’re going to go back to work, and we’re going to fix it. Across the board, from the back to the front, we didn’t create the situations, we weren’t active like we normally are. The movement off the ball wasn’t there, so starting with me I think the preparation – we tried to give them the knowledge that D.C. is not only a very dangerous team, but a determined team, to play for those three points, and I think we didn’t go a good enough job to prevent the first goal, which changed the game a little bit, and of course after that we weren’t that active like we should be, and we have a lot of things to fix, and one week to [prepare] for New England, and it’s not going to get any easier.

On being held scoreless
I believe we only had three shots on goal. We weren’t dangerous enough to test the rookie goalie to make sure that he’s going to have some stuff to do. In that regard, we need to get better.

On the game

We didn’t do a good job as a team. We came out and made a couple mistakes, and didn’t do a very good job of putting our chances away, and then we spent the rest of the game trying to chase, and tie the game, and it was just hard not playing at home, and after the mistakes at the beginning, they did a good job of finishing the game.

On the effect of the conditions
We haven’t trained in the rain that much, but at the same time the conditions were bad for both teams. It was pretty bad for us, and it was pretty bad for them as well. It’s not an excuse to say that because of the conditions, we didn’t play well. I think if they were able to do a good job and manage the game, even in the conditions, we should have been able to do the same thing as well.

On the game

I think we have to give [D.C. United] credit – they came out with a good plan, and definitely knew what kind of soccer we were going to play, and they did well against it. With that being said, I don’t think we showed enough urgency on both sides of the ball. In the second half, you saw it a little more sloppy, and a little less possession-oriented for both sides. The field got a lot of water quickly, but that being said it’s still 11v11, and for us it doesn’t change our mindset.

On what needs improvement
I don’t know if we created enough chances up top for us. We usually create a lot of chances. We’re a team that builds up in the run of play, and today I don’t think we had out best game. I think it’s something we need to go back and look at, and try to figure it out before next Saturday when we have to go on the road.