Post-match quotes: United 0 – Real Salt Lake 3


On the teams inability to finish offensive chances:
“You can attribute it to [not finishing offensive chances] or you can attribute it to not making plays when we needed to make plays defensively. I felt like we had momentum in the second half. We had a lot of the ball. We go to a 3-5-2 to try and get at least a point on the road, which we need, and our inability to make a big play defensively when we have too. Then our inability to finish off chances is what culminated this evening.”

On the play of newcomers Branko Boskovic and Pablo Hernandez:
“There were some good moments for Branko and Pablo, and some good chances for a lot of guys on our team. Tonight was a case where we needed to make some plays defensively and we needed to make some plays offensively and we ended up falling short.”

On the teams preparation for the rivalry game against New England:
“It’s a matter of picking ourselves and dusting ourselves off and keep plugging away, and it’s a matter of finding guys that are willing to know what it takes to win games consistently as we build our team for the future.”


Overall thoughts the match:
“I actually thought we were going to win that game, I really did, around the 65th or 70th minute I thought we were going to win. And we were pushing the tempo and it didn’t actually go that way.”

On D.C. United’s ability in creating chances:
“I think we caught them a few times and the reason [RSL’s] defending, we had some really good chances tonight. We had them for about 20 minutes and we were pushing the tempo and we just didn’t execute our chances and the field opened up and they were able to expose us.”

On preparing for next week’s rivalry game against The Revs:
“We have to get that one [against New England], we got to get ready for that one. We can’t hold our heads and sulk so we are going to have to be ready for that game. I think that’s a team that we can beat and we’ll be ready to take them on.”


On his return to the pitch in League play:
“I feel alright physically, I still have a lot of fitness to get in to make sure that I am fit for 90. I just held back a little offensively and tried to make sure that the defense was good on my end and I will be able to get my fitness up in the next couple of weeks.”

On United’s run of play as a whole:
“We got to start scoring. It’s not the offenses fault but we can’t let in as many goals. If we get a goal in the first half I think it really helps us. It’s not good enough on anyone’s part tonight, but if we can pull out a goal with a little luck or someone get a head on a ball, it changes the game completely.”

On picking up the tempo and increasing the synergy with the team:
“I think we had a couple of really good opportunities in the first half, sometimes the ball just doesn’t go in. I feel like there have been a lot of times this year where it just hasn’t gone our way, whether that’s because of a good save or a near miss or a good defensive play but we can still get there. We’re not out of it yet.”