D.C. United vs San Jose Earthquakes

Post-match quotes: United 4 – Portsmouth 0


On the team’s offensive efforts:
I didn’t think [Branko] Boskovic would last that long in [our U.S. Open Cup match versus the Harrisburg City Islanders]. He lasted longer than I thought and then tonight was another game where we had a lot of the ball and to get sixty minutes into the game, for him I thought was good. You could see that he helps us possess the ball. He gives us something a little bit more going forward and certainly on that second goal you could see his class and he’s just going to continue to get better. Pablo [Hernandez] is helping us on set pieces, which is nice to have, and through the run of play you can see that he’s just another quality player. So for those two guys it was good, but I think Santino [Quaranta] has come alive as well in terms of playing with them. We talked to Danny Allsopp on Wednesday about if you have guys like Boskovic, Hernandez, and even Tino, who look to have the ball, we need guys running into space and I thought Danny did a good job of that towards the end of the first half on Wednesday. In the second half, he did an excellent job though he didn’t really get rewarded that much in the second half and then tonight, he got rewarded. If you add Andy [Najar] to that mix and his ability to get in behind, all of a sudden you start seeing some more stuff.

VIDEO: Match highlights - the goals

On the big picture following tonight’s match:
Again, we just continue to move forward. In the grand scheme of things, this team has made a lot of progress in the last fifteen games in all competitions. That’s what I take from it all and we’re just going to continue plugging away and continue to get better and continue to try to get points and you’re looking at a guy that in no way is ever going to give up.

On Portsmouth’s tactics:
I knew what their tactics would be – they’re in preseason, they’re tired. We were moving the ball quick. I thought we actually started a little bit slow, but once we kind of found our rhythm and started going at them a little bit and realized that the exercise was breaking down low pressure, they decided to foul us on every other play and that’s the job of the referee to realize. It’s not that difficult to see and you can solve that with giving some yellow cards early or just buttoning it up. We talked to the fourth official at halftime and I guess his way of buttoning it up was to give two red cards. So certainly, it was definitely a little chippy. It was competitive, which is good. It was a friendly, but it was heated.

On guest player Junior Carriero:
You can see that he’s improved. He’s been with us for quite some time. He’s getting better every day. He’s still very young. He’s eighteen-years old and has a lot to learn still tactically on both sides of the ball. You can see he’s got something pretty different going forward. He got an assist tonight and was fairly dangerous. He needs games. I was pleased with his performance.

On the possibility of Junior being signed:
We’ve got a lot of different scenarios that we’re looking at in terms of making our team better and it’s just a matter of how they all fall into place. We’ll see based on a whole bunch of other things we’re working on.


On his hat trick performance:
It was obviously great - it was the first hat trick I have scored in quite a while, so it was pleasing. It was great, this was a major pick-up for the boys, we won in difficult conditions with the heat, and the fans were really behind us, so overall it was a good night all around.

On defeating Portsmouth:
It's [Portsmouth's] preseason obviously, but my family is actually from South Hampton - Portsmouth's biggest rival, so this was a nice win for me. I know my family will be pleased with the win.

On the team's confidence moving forward:
I think this wins really helps us. It give the two new guys [Branko Boskovic and Pablo Hernandez] more time to settle down and get used to things, they have both done really well. Overall this is great for our confidence and we can take tonight's result into next week when we get back to playing in the League.


On the physical nature of the contest:
For a friendly game it was very tough tonight. It was strange with a few red cards, but the most important thing was the win.

On his integration into United's team:
Yes, every day I feel like I know more. I feel like I know the other players better, getting used to playing with them - everything is going well.


On the team's mentality:
This victory is huge going forward. At the end of the day, it was hot tonight, and [Portsmouth] were tired, and we expected to win this game. That said, anytime you win like this it can improve your confidence. We finished chances off tonight, we defended well, and we need to do these same things this week in the League.

On his red card and the chippy nature of the contest:
Yeah, it was one of those things where it was a bit difficult. When we are in preseason and we go into someone else's place we try to show a little bit more respect. Portsmouth played very hard, there were some testy tackles that would not normally happen in a friendly. Sometimes you have to take a stand for your teammates, and that was that for me tonight.


On the game:
Congratulations to D.C. – they played a good game. It was very tough for us. Probably that result summed up the [pre-season] tour for us really – it’s been extremely tough. We haven’t had a squad, we can’t change enough players, it’s taken us I don’t know how many hours to get here, we’ve got four hours sleep, and we looked like it. For 20 minutes we were OK, but after 20 minutes we were shot, and then the next 70 gets very painful and very hard for the players, so it was a tough game.

On the red cards:
An appalling performance from the referee – appalling. I can’t believe he’s been allowed to officiate a game. I’ve never seen two players sent off for arguing – arguing. They were probably six feet away from each other. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Appalling.

On where the team is:
At the end of the day, this result now should hopefully show a few people the position we’re in. It’s painful. We’ve got some really good honest lads in the dressing room, and we’ve got some young players who are just simply not going to be good enough, and they have to play full tilt to be anywhere near the team. We’re going to be playing in a man’s league in a couple weeks time, and we need some men. Many luck to D.C. – good luck to them for the rest of the season, and thanks very much for hosting us.