We need your help!

On Sunday, Acumen Solutions is putting on the Race for a Cause 8K in Arlington, VA. United for D.C. was invited as one of the beneficiaries for the race (there are 13 in all) who may receive a portion of the money raised - yes, I said MAY receive. In order for D.C. United's non-profit arm to receive a portion of the proceeds, we need 100 people to sign-up for the race and designate United for D.C. as their non-profit of choice (we're only at 30, so we've got some work to do!). 

Ideally, you register, check the box for United for D.C., and join our staff and fans for a gentle 4.97 mile run/walk/stroll this Sunday morning.

If, however, you..

A) aren't in town or..
B) aren't willing to run/walk/stroll 4.97 miles or..
C) don't live in the area can still help. 
Even if you can't participate in the race on Sunday, we'd love for you to register anyway and select United for D.C. as your favorite-ever non-profit. If we don't get to 100 registrants, we miss out on funding for our great programs - Kicks for Kids, United Reads and United Soccer Club! The registration fee is $30, so think of it as a small donation to a great non-profit. 
Register here before tomorrow at 4pm (and don't forget to check the box for United for D.C.)!