Playoff picture - Sept. 28

We all know yesterday's loss was a big blow to United's playoff hopes. The difference now from Saturday is that the team no longer controls its own destiny. D.C. has to win and hope a few key results go its way the last weeks of the regular season. The amazing thing about this year's campaign is how close the standings are, top to bottom (well, almost the bottom - sorry NYRB). Though United can no longer catch Columbus for the first spot in the Eastern Conference, the second place Fire (with 41 points) are very much within striking distance. 
Saturday's game versus Chivas USA is huge, as the Western Conference squad is currently holding on to one of the four wildcard spots. 
In the detailed team-by-team playoff picture below I've added a "maximum points" notation for each club. In other words, where each team would be if they were to win their remaining games. 
It's a lot of numbers, but examine them closely - the entire League is in for a wild ride and anything can happen. 
points (record) points per game
(Remaining League games)
Maximum number of points
Eastern Conference – automatic berths
46 points (12-4-10) 1.77 ppg
(v. SEA, @ NE, @ DC, v. NE)
Maximum number of points: 58
41 points (10-6-11)
1.52 ppg
(@ LA, @ NE, v. CHV)
Maximum number of points: 50 
Western Conference – automatic berths
43 points (12-8-7) 1.59 ppg

(v. KC, v. LA, @ CHV)
Maximum number of points: 52
Los Angeles
points (10-6-11) 1.52 ppg
(v. CHI, @ HOU, v. SJ)
Maximum number of points: 50 
Wildcard berths
39 points
(10-8-9) 1.44 ppg
(v. NE, @ FCD, @ RSL)
Maximum number of points: 48
Chivas USA
points (11-9-4) 1.52 ppg
(@ DC, v. KC, v. SJ, @ CHI, v. HOU)
Maximum number of points: 53
38 points (9-7-11) 1.41 ppg
(@ CLB, @ KC, v. FCD)
Maximum number of points: 47
New England
points (10-8-7) 1.48 ppg
(@ FCD, @ COL, v. CLB, v. CHI, @ CLB)
Maximum number of points: 52
Currently out of playoffs
D.C. United
points (8-7-12) 1.33 ppg
(v. CHV, v. CLB, @ KC)
Maximum number of points: 45
points (9-10-8) 1.29 ppg
(v. SJ, v. RSL, @ NY)
Maximum number of points: 44
Real Salt Lake
34 points (9-11-7) 1.26 ppg

(v. NY, @ TFC, v. COL)
Maximum number of points: 43
Kansas City
31 points (8-11-7) 1.19 ppg

(@ HOU, @ CHV, v. SEA, v. DC)
Maximum number of points: 43
26 points (8-12-6) 1.15 ppg

(v. NE, @ SJ, v. COL, @ SEA)
Maximum number of points: 38
San Jose
25 points (6-12-7) 1.00 ppg
(v. NY, v. FCD, @ TFC, @ CHV, @ LA)
Maximum number of points: 40
Eliminated from playoffs
New York
18 points (4-17-6) 0.66 ppg
(@ SJ, @ RSL, v. TFC)
Maximum number of points: 27
Current MLS Cup playoff pairings
Columbus vs. Seattle

Chicago vs. New England

Houston vs. Chivas USA

Los Angeles vs. Colorado