Post-game quotes: D.C. United vs. Toronto FC


Thoughts on the game…

“We have a mentality at home that we’re going to do all the little things to win games and then on the road we thrown that all away and think that’s going to come easy for us. We think because we’ve got talent that’s enough but it’s not enough so that’s something we have to correct. You know coming off Real Madrid where we did all those little things right and then you come to this game it’s pretty disappointing.”

“You always want to start these stretch’s in the right way it’s very disappointing and we’ll have to adjust very quick. We have no time to hang our heads, we’re going to watch a lot of tape on this one, it’s concerning we’re on the road and we had 6 fouls today that just shows me that we’re just not fighting enough.”


Thoughts on the game…

“People have been saying all week you have to win your home games, we set ourselves a target and we have to start sending out the right messages. The lads are passionate the want to play we can keep clean sheets; we can be consistent because we haven’t been there. I thought overall, it was a very good performance. I said I was going to mix it up, I saw enough in the young players to put them in and that’s obviously my background seeing that talent and that enthusiasm, those legs and being patient with them as well. You know they’re going to make mistakes and I’ll be the one to take the hit for that.”

On 6 rookies starting the game…and how this was a big win for team

“We’ve said we want competition for places, and we keep saying it we don’t’ just keep bringing in players for the sake of brining them in. Don’t get me wrong they’ll make one or two poor decisions, when you put new players in. It’s a risk, of course it’s a risk putting in all those under 23’s, but they’ve got energy and I think to play in MLS you need to be a good athlete, and you need that balance as well.”


Talks about the team’s best performance of the season…

“You know what, we said it at the beginning and we said it all week we’ve got 10 games left and today we wanted to set us up and get us right for the final push to the playoffs. Full credit to the guys it was very, very hot on the pitch and at times it was a bit scrappy because it was that hot but you know the guys made a couple of chances and we finished them and walked away 2-nil comfortably.”

On the play of the young guys…

“It was great, it was great to see knowing that you’ve got a few young guys that are ready to step up to the challenge and do a job on the field. It was a great day for the club. I think seeing the youngsters come in and work that hard to see how committed they were. O’Brian White got his first professional goal and that’s fantastic.”


On the team’s performance…

“I thought we played well, we were solid defensively and our attackers scored two goals. I think the young guys served us well with the legs they have, I thought it was smart on Chris’ part.”


Talks about getting his first goal…

“I feel great you know I got my first start and get my first goal, I really feel good. I’ve got to give credit to the training staff for doing a lot of work with me. I feel better every day you know, I just keep working, and go out there and do the best I can.”

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