Quotesheet: New York Red Bulls vs D.C. United

New York Red Bulls 2, D.C. United 3

MLS Post-Game Quotes Sheet

Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

April 26, 2009


On the team's overall performance:

"Very disappointed. Very poor first half. In the second half, we made

some adjustments. We dominated the second half except for the last two

minutes and paid a high price for not defending properly."

On the game winning goal and last minutes of the game:

"I thought we took to many liberties when the game was 2-1. We had a

couple of chances. Some of the players started to relax and that sent the

wrong message for the rest of the guys. It was a different message to the

opposition that kept going forward. It looks to me we all could have done

a lot better, especially on the last goal."

On allowing a goal in the 90th minute for the second time at home:

"Very tough and very disappointing. In both games, all we had to do was

take better care of the ball. It seems like we never work on possession,

which we do every day, so I am very disappointed."

On miscommunication between Jon Conway and Alfredo Pacheco on the third


"They both have to clear the ball, one way or the other. Everybody will

have their own opinion, but Alfredo slid and Conway was nearby but we were

very poor in defending the ball."

On using a different starting lineup in each game:

"They are all professionals here and their main responsibility is to be in

good form whenever they have the chance to perform. That's all they have

to concentrate on. We have five games in less than two weeks so we need to

rotate them."

On bring on two players and changing the formation in the second half:

"I thought we could pull that one out. Although we lost the game, it does

prove a point. They are ready to play when they are asked to do so in a

system they know. We changed to a 3-1-4-2 and we did very well and felt

like we controlled it. But again in the end, we took to many liberties in

my opinion."


On the game:

"Today there is no excuse, there is no explanation of what happened today.

It's obviously extremely hard to take, and honestly, I have no words to

describe it. We had a horrendous first, and then we managed to get back in

the game and go 2-1 up in a very difficult game. And then, we end up

losing 3-2 in the last two minutes of the game."

On the different lineups used:

"At the end of the day, you have to try to do your best every game. It's

about the team, and right now, we're not getting the job done as a team.

When we lose, we lose together, when we win, we win together. And today

was, I think, an embarrassing performance."

On the team's inability to close out games:

"I think it's a concern for everybody. What happened today is just

unacceptable. We should have killed the game off, we should have won it.

It happened against New England as well, but today, I think it was even



On the game:

"This is a very tough. I think this is the toughest one I've been through

so far. I thought we had the win in the bag already. You know, two goals

in two minutes, just unbelievable, I don't even know what to say about this


About the second half:

"Both me and Jorge (Rojas), we came in with a lot of energy. We know we're

losing so there was an urgency of getting a couple goals to win the game.

Half of the D.C. guys were a little tired, so I came in with energy and I

tried to take advantage of being fresh."

On preparing for the next game:

"This happens sometimes. The game has already passed. We just have to keep

our heads up and be ready for the next game against San Jose."


On the game-tying goal:

"The ball was bouncing around a good amount back and forth across about 25

yards out. Long ball came back over across to (Santino) Quaranta and he

one timed it in. Looks like (Luciano) Emilio got a step on Alfredo

(Pacheco). Alfredo tried to make a play and it ends up hitting Emilio in

the shin or thigh, and bounces up and goes on.

On the team's approach after taking the lead:

"I think we thought we had the game won at 2-1. We took our foot off the

gas a little bit, and obviously, you can do that. You see what happens

when you do that."


On the game:

"Funny when you say it was a 90 minute game and we waited until about the

last three minutes to turn it up. You know it was a gutsy performance, we

still have a lot of young guys and I think we learned a little bit in the

second half. They made a little tactical change and we didn't adjust well

to it, but we didn't stop and when we put some fresh legs in, I thought

(Thabiso Khumalo) really changed the game when he came in and (Luciano

Emilio) getting that goal, I know he was tired; he still dug deep and found

it. Together. these are turning points when you win games like this; these

are things that make you stronger as a team.

On Chris Pontius:

"Unfortunately, we couldn't put them away earlier. We kept them around and

especially on the road you've got to finish your chances - we had really

good chances. Chris (Pontius) did a good job on setting up one and finished

another. We used him in several different spots since he's so versatile."

On the emphasis of playing a 90 minute game:

"We stress this and this has been something that we talk about especially

after about the fourth game, that it's a 90 minute game and recognizing the

important times of the game, what you have to do to win it or preserve a

result. This time, they dug in deep and pulled out a win in the last three

minutes of the game."


On the third goal and New York's defensive miscommunication:

"I think they had some miscommunication, because I thought the 'keeper was

coming out and he thought the defender was going to get the ball. I just

outplayed both of them, I got to the ball quick before they got to it,

that's how it happened."

On his contribution coming into the game:

"I think I made a little bit of difference; because I only created one

chance, you know (Luciano Emilio) scored a goal, so I did what I could do

to get it and help out my teammates, which was good for me and the team."


On the game:

"I thought we came out in the first half and we did well, they made an

adjustment at halftime going to a 3-5-2 which we didn't adjust to right

away and as we got tired too, we had some problems."

On Thabiso Khumalo's performance:

"I thought he was awesome, he brought energy to the field and that's what

'Boyzzz' does. He's a smart player and he works hard for you, so it was a

great sub. He came in and did his thing and basically won the game for us."

On the game's final five minutes:

"We were pushing for the win. You know, we wouldn't stand back I think we

stayed back a little bit at the start of the second half and that's when

they came at us. They got the ball into the middle and we were able to

distribute it. So I think we were pushing in the final five minutes and got

two balls."

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