Kevin Payne issues statement

On behalf of the club, D.C. United President Kevin Payne today issued a statement in regards to a local media report written this morning: 
“We would like to take this opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding reported in this morning’s Washington Post:  D.C. United has not changed its position with regard to the financing of our Stadium in Prince George’s County. 
The story, which appeared in the Metro Section under the headline “Team Now Asking Pr. George’s to Pay Part,” is incorrect in reporting that there has been a change in plan to include the county - from day one, this project was discussed as a joint venture between the State, County, and D.C. United.  
In every presentation we have ever done, beginning last year and including the public presentation yesterday, there has always been a presumed contribution from the County, derived from the County’s share of the brand new tax revenue the Stadium will generate. 
We have always relied on the findings of the expert economic analysis the State commissioned last year.  That comprehensive study, conducted over a period of seven months, makes certain projections regarding new economic activity in the State and County, and expected new revenue as a result.  It shows financing from the State and County at a level paid in full by new tax revenue generated by the stadium. 
Confusion seems to have arisen out of a question about amendments necessary for the bill before the State Legislature.  The present version does not contain any reference to the County because the County had not yet decided how it was going to use its share of the new tax revenue to help finance the stadium.  The amendment is a technical matter, not a change in plan. 
Our list of frequently asked questions, available at and in a number of other places, addresses this issue, and many of the others that were posed by the council-members yesterday. 
We have spoken with the Post and hope this will be clarified in future articles.  These are complex issues, which require some time to understand - we have nothing to hide and have been very open in our engagement of elected officials and the public. 
We are continuing to work with the community and elected leaders as we settle on a site for our project, and look forward to next week’s hearing before the House Appropriations Committee.”