D.C. United Stadium proposal FAQ

Looking for the latest details on our new stadium project?  Below is a document that addresses many of the issues surrounding the proposted stadium in Prince George's County.  It's long, but really informative.  Way more after the jump. 

D.C. United Stadium proposal FAQ

Last week, D.C. United announced that a bill had been introduced in the Maryland state legislature that would enable the club to build a new stadium in Prince George’s County. The proposed project provides the State of Maryland and Prince George’s County the opportunity to generate great economic impact with very little investment risk, bring increased exposure to their local community and partner with a high profile organization which values the thought to becoming an integral part of a neighborhood. The following questions and answers address specific issues involved in the project.

Why does D.C. United need a new stadium?
  • RFK Stadium is nearly 50 years old and simply cannot work for a professional sports team in the modern era. The basic infrastructure of the stadium is badly in need of repair, but the costs are prohibitive. 
  • The majority of Major League Soccer teams play in soccer-specific stadiums, which are the appropriate size and include suites, club seats, and high-level hospitality areas. RFK has none of these amenities. 
  • Former RFK Stadium tenants playing in the NFL and MLB have already left for newer facilities.

Why does D.C. United want to build its proposed new stadium in Prince George's County?

  • Prince George’s County is a great location for the vibrant, urban stadium D.C. United has sought since being founded in 1996.
  • This is an extension of the relationship that has existed for many years. The County’s location, infrastructure and diverse demographics are ideal for the team and our fans.
  • Prince George’s County and the State have made clear they want D.C. United to become a more integrated part of their community. 
  • We have worked with the citizens of Prince George’s County for years as part of the team’s community efforts – and this is an opportunity to continue and enhance that relationship.