A few post-game quotes

Just a few quick quotes from Rookie Rodney Wallace and Head Coach Tom Soehn following today's game...
D.C. United defender Rodney Wallace
On playing the first game of 2009:
"It was exciting to finally play a real game against a different opponent.  We've been practicing for a while now and we were waiting to get out there and do our thing."
On the game:
"It was good - it was a fast paced game, but we did a decent job adjusting.  We just need to work on the details defensively and offensively and I think we'll be fine." 
On Vejle:
"They were more connected  as a team, they've been playing together for longer.  They're ahead of us fitness-wise in their season and they were good.  But, we gave it a good effort and we just need to get back out and spend these days in Bradenton just trying to get better, formation-wise, technically - we've got to put the pieces together." 
United Head Coach Tom Soehn
On what positives can be taken from the game:
"Today was a day where we got to play our trialists and our young guys and figure out exactly where they're at, so there's a lot to be gained from a day like today."