Bradenton: Day 2

It hasn't gotten any warmer here in Florida.  In fact, it was probably colder (and definitely windier).  

Head Coach Tom Soehn ran the guys through two sessions today.  This morning's session included some technical ball work and a lot of footwork, as well as a 9-v-9 scrimmage, of sorts, with three goals.  The evening session was made-up of some shadow play and then a bit of conditioning.  

One additional player joined the team on trial last night and trained at both sessions today - 22-year old forward Mawete Ange N'Silu.  Mr. N'Silu goes by his middle name, Ange, and is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   Six feet tall and about 185 pounds, Ange's hometown is Paris, France.  He  spent some time with Le Havre AC (see a picture of Anges in action at the bottom of this page) and was most recently with FC Lausanne in Switzerland. 

Tomorrow, the day will start a bit earlier due to the 2 p.m. game versus Vejle Boldklub.  Despite the afternoon game, the team will still train in the morning, but enjoy a long evening after the match.  If you're looking for info from field during the Vejle Boldklub game, you might want to follow us on Twitter, as I'll be providing periodic updates there.