Q&A: Tom Soehn & Dave Kasper

Things are wrapping up here in St. Louis, but before I depart for the airport I wanted to pass along a few interview excerpts from Head Coach Tom Soehn and GM Dave Kasper on the draft.  We'll have plenty more tomorrow, including some video from today's event. 
General Manager Dave Kasper
BTB:  What was your overall impression of how the draft went?
A:  We knew in the first round we were going to come away with two players we were very happy with.  There were eight or nine players we felt that with any two of them we’d be happy.  In the second round we got a keeper with a big upside and Lyle Adams has been a big part of Wake Forest for the last several years.  And Barklage could be a dark horse to earn a contract.
BTB:  What were your thoughts on the two first round picks?
We thought Chris was the best-rated overall forward in the draft.  He’s a big kid, strong, good speed, good soccer brain and we think he’s going to get quality minutes.  With Rodney, he’s a bit young, he’s got a ways to go, but we feel his upside is tremendous.

Head Coach Tom Soehn
BTB:  How pleased were you to get Wallace with the sixth pick?
We’re happy in the fact that we were able to get some young talent in Rodney and we feel like he’s got a huge upside.  He’s athletic, he’s a good soccer player and he’s a winner. We’re real excited with his potential. The first thing in seeing him, is his composure and pace.  He does a great job as a left back, getting forward, creating stuff from a defensive position. His desire and his consistency was one thing you could always say about him.  One quality you always look for is someone that makes people around him better.
BTB:  And what were your thoughts on Pontius?
We thought Pontius was the best forward in the draft.  He really carried himself well and it gives us another option up top.  Big kid, athletic, good feet and he’s got a nose to score goals.  He showed that in college and at the combine.