Q&A: Marc Burch


What a week for Q&As here at Behind The Badge!  Yesterday, we briefly caught up with Marc Burch to ask him about his new contract, the off-season and his memories from being drafted back in 2006.   

BTB:  How is your off-season going?
“It’s going well. I had minor knee surgery so I’ve been doing rehab. I just recently started working out hard. I’ve been working out in the stadium’s weight room and I feel good. I feel like I’m getting stronger.”
BTB:  What are your memories of draft day back when you were drafted in 2006?
“I didn’t think I’d be drafted really high so I just watched the first round and then turned it off. I went out and got several phone calls and voicemails, that’s how I knew I got drafted. I was mostly excited to get into training camp. I was excited to prove myself.”
BTB:  How does it feel to sign a new contract?
“It’s nice, you know? It’s nice to know they want me to stay, want to lock me in for a few years. And, of course, it’s nice to get a raise.”