New Year's Resolutions

Kyle and the gang are back this week, but I wanted follow-up (albeit almost 6 days late) on my promise to share some plans the new Digital Media Department has for 2009. In keeping with my tired, blogging cliché's theme, I'll post them as typical New Year's Resolutions.

  • "Get Organized"
    The new will be much easier to navigate and use. We'll offer an expanded Spanish-language section and a neat mobile version for when you're on your wireless phone's browser.
  • "Spend more time with family and friends"
    We love Soccer Insider and BigSoccer, but we plan to offer the best place to chat, cheer, complain, scream, panic, (whatever you need to do!) during the game. Our new Gameday Edition of will be the source for D.C. United fans during games.
    • We'll have a cool live chat window (no more hitting your browser's refresh button!),
    • interactive polls,
    • and breaking news about subs or injuries straight from team communications officials.

    Also, we're hoping to offer a really neat comments and social networking feature about stadium seating. More on that later! But here is a tease: you will be able to review the experience in a section and help fans pick a seat that's right for their level of interest . . .


  • “Get Fit and Stay Healthy”
    We are in the process of hiring a full-time web content producer that will make sure the websites are kept full of accurate information and interesting new content.
  • “Help Others” will also be a content aggregator for all the news about D.C. United on the web. We’ll have links to your blogs, local newspapers and TV stations, stories in out-of-town papers, etc. So if you are a D.C. United news junkie we’ll be the place to get your news. (All links will take you to the original source.)
  • “Get Out of Debt”
    One of the other features you’ll notice is an increased presence of advertisements from our valued sponsors. We’ll keep them as least annoying as possible (we’ll never have any pop-up, pop-under, or ads that move the text down), but we think our sponsors have good products and hope you will check them out. The income generated from that sponsor or advertisements with the team helps pay many of the bills around here.

I’ll check back regularly throughout the season to share our plans, announce new features, or seek your feedback and ideas. Until then, Happy New Year and Vamos United!

What are your resolutions for the New Year? (We suggest: "Get to more D.C. United games" <grin> )