Photo of the Day: Machu Picchu!


I received a pretty cool email (with the above photo attached) the other day from Brian Barnes, who has been a season ticket holder since 1997.  I'll let him tell the story:

Good afternoon.  Brian Barnes from Richmond here and wanted to pass along a cool picture I took last week.  While in Peru at Machu Picchu, I took my old jersey with me and got a picture at one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  While everyone else was at RFK on Thursday night, I was in the Andes summoning up positive juju for The Boyz (lol).  Evidently I summoned up something right since we got the win later that day against NE!  While walking around I ran into a pair of folks that sit in 231!  They saw my jersey and came up to get a picture of me in it with Machu Picchu behind me on the way up to the Sun Gate.  What a small, small world this is.  Hated to miss only my 2nd game of the season, but I had to head south and experience South America for the first time.

Cool, huh?  Thanks for representing the Black-and-Red around the world, Brian!