DCU @ FC Dallas: Starting lineup

Coming to you live from Dallas, er, Frisco... actually, I'm in D.C. and my esteemed colleague, Boris Flores, is at Pizza Hut Park today.  Regardless, here's the starting lineup the coaches have decided on today. 

Louis Crayton; Bryan Namoff, Gonzalo Peralta, Devon McTavish, Ivan Guerrero; Fred, Clyde Simms, Santino Quaranta, Boyzzz Khumalo; Jaime Moreno, Luciano Emilio. 

And here's what the 4-4-2 will look like:

Bench:  Zach Wells, Gonzalo Martinez, Joe Vide, Rod Dyachenko, Mike Zaher, Ryan Cordeiro, Craig Thompson.
So, Jaime Moreno, Gonzalo Peralta and Santino Quaranta all make their return to the starting lineup after missing time.  Joe Vide is also available for the first time in a few weeks.