MLS game #24: DCU vs. FC Dallas

For United, there are seven games - and a possible 21 points - left in this year's edition of Major League Soccer's regular season.  The team sits tied for fourth place with the New York Red Bulls and is 11 points back from first place Columbus, nine behind New England (who have played one more game) and six behind Chicago. 

There are six weeks until the end of the MLS season, while the team's six games in Group A Champions League play ends three days later on October 29.  Over the next 46 days, United will play 13 total games - on average, one game every three and a half days.  This past week was the last time United will have a full week to prepare for a game.  They come in bunches beginning now, with a League game each weekend (and one Thursday night affair versus New England on Oct. 16) and a Champions League game during the week.  Skipper Tom Soehn will need each and every player on the roster and will hope that the new guys will be able to step in and contribute. 

Knowing what the team is facing over the next six weeks, we turn our attention to tonight's opponent - FC Dallas.  Interestingly, this is the first meeting of the year between the two clubs with the second meeting coming in Dallas just two weeks from now.

Here's what's being written about tonight's match:

Did I miss anything?

So, with ridiculous amounts of knowledge about tonight's match, I'm guessing several of you will nail your score prediction.. let's have them!