Access United: U.S. Open Cup preview

Do you fully understand the importance of next week's semifinal game against the New England Revolution in the Open Cup?  I'm not sure that you do.  United is one win away from playing for its 12th championship.  The only thing standing in the way of another title shot is the New England Revolution.  We need you to be at RFK Stadium next Tuesay.  We need you to bring friends and family that are willing to yell, chant, cheer and go crazy.  We need our home field advantage.  

We sat down with Tom Soehn, Bryan Namoff and Santino Quaranta yesterday to talk about the team's long-standing rivalry with the Revs and asked them about next week's game.  It's big, folks. 

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 Here's a look at United's history in the Open Cup.  Lots of juicy tidbits.