Video: Chang & Vergara make another bet

You may remember that last year Will Chang (United's Co-Managing Partner) and Jorge Vergara (Chivas de Guadalajara's owner) made a friendly wager prior to the second leg of the Copa Sudamericana series between the Black-and-Red and Chivas.  The bet was that whichever owner's team lost would have to have their hair cut immediately following the game.  No shaved head or buzz cut, but apparently a haircut by someone else's barber was enough to instill fear...

Following is a never-before-seen video of last year's game - which United lost 1-0 - and the ensuing bet payoff. 

As you heard in the video, Vergara said they'd make the same bet the next time the two teams faced each other.  I'm not sure either of them was expecting it to be so soon.  But, as it is, they'll face each other tomorrow and the losing team's owner will have their hair cut in the media room following the game.

And, yes, Dan Stratford will be on the scene with his clippers.