¡Gonzalo Goalazo!

Our players are really good at scoring sick goals.  This week, it was Gonzalo Martinez who unleashed an absolute rocket from the left side of the box to the far post.  And now, the defender is one of five nominations for Goal of the Week.  Remember how Simms won last week?  Well, the possibility exists that we could bring home our fifth - FIFTH - Sierra Mist Goal of the Week of 2008.  I don't know what the record is for most Goal of the Week wins in one year, but let's go for it, eh?  I'll ask the guys to keep scoring ridiculous goals as long as you agree to keep voting. 

Watch Gonzalo's goal here and vote here

(Are you happy Section 130?)

UPDATE:  Gonzalo's goal won!  That's three Goal of the Week winners in a row.  Let's make it four, eh?