MLS Game #13: DCU vs. NYRB

Just about an hour from kickoff here at RFK Stadium and lineups have been submitted for tonight's game.  With Marcelo Gallardo and Bryan Namoff unavailable due to their red cards last weekend, here's the squad the coaches have settled on... 

D.C. United starters: Zach Wells; Gonzalo Martinez, Gonzalo Peralta, Devon McTavish, Marc Burch; Santino Quaranta, Clyde Simms, Rod Dyachenko, Fred; Jaime Moreno, Luciano Emilio. 

Subs: Quavas Kirk, Franco Niell, Dane Murphy, Jose Carvallo, Dan Stratford, Ryan Cordeiro, Domenic Mediate. 

Of note: Martinez moves from the left side of defense to the right, and Marc Burch slides into his more comfortable position on the left.  Rod Dyachenko gets the call as Gallardo's replacement at attacking mid and everything else stays the same from previous games. Additionally, this is Dane Murphy's first inclusion on the 18-man roster. 

I hope we win 43-0.