DC Date Auction results

As promised, the results from last night's date auction - which included Domenic Mediate, Marc Burch and Devon Mctavish being auctioned off - have been corralled. I'm told the event was a big success with a good bit of money being raised for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Marc Burch was the evening's top grossing gentleman, bringing in $575, while McTavish ($375) and Mediate ($325) followed. 

"He only got the most because he went last," said McTavish (who was obviously a little bitter. He is, after all, a hometown hero). 

The soccer boys were not the biggest draw, however, as one young lady (who shall remain nameless here) fetched $1,500! Apparently, controversy abounds as to whether she is the true "winner."

"I think she had something rigged with her boss," Burch said. "But, it was all for a good cause, so I'm going to let it slide."

Gripping, I know.