Euro 2008 predictions

As I sit down to watch the first Euro 2008 match between Switzerland and the Czech Republic, the team is finding their ways to TV’s to tune in. I polled the guys this morning on who they thought would be the winner and here is the break down:

France (4): Franco Niell, Fred, Gonzalo Martinez, Marcelo Gallardo (who says it will be a France-Spain final)
Germany (3): Clyde Simms, Bryan Namoff, Luciano Emilio
Italy (6): Gonzalo Peralta, Ryan Cordeiro, Domenic Mediate, Tom Soehn, Dave Kasper, Jaime Moreno (who said “I don’t want them to win, but they’re too good”)
Holland (2): Marc Burch, Santino Quaranta
Portugal (4): Jose Carvallo, Devon McTavish, Chad Ashton, Ben Olsen
Russia (1): Rodion Dyachenko (who was born there and said he couldn’t pick against them)
Spain (2): Mark Simpson, Zach Wells 
So, no one picks any of the following: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey. 
Who do you like? Who are you rooting for?