MLS Game #8: DCU 1 - Chivas USA 3

We're back to D.C. first thing in the morning. Here's the recap

Post-game quotes below. 

On the change in the game in the second half:
“I think we came out in the second half and we weren’t good enough with the ball, so that was disappointing. We gave away the ball too much and then we gave them a lot of  confidence to put pressure on us. But the first half I thought we had a game plan and we stuck to it, we were hard to play against, we got our goal. In the second half they came out with a bit more intensity and I don’t think we handled it well.”
On how difficult this loss is:
“It’s very emotionally draining. We put a lot of work into making sure we were doing the things we talked about all week; being harder to play against. And then we threw caution to the wind after they scored and started taking chances and taking risks, and they punished us.”
On if there are specific solutions:
“Well, we’re going to go back and hopefully we get a couple guys back but everybody’s still got to dig deeper. Games aren’t won over 60 minutes, it’s 90 minutes, and I thought we had about 60 minutes in us and that’s not good enough in this league.”
On the loss:
“It’s another disappointment. It’s sad that we worked so hard for 65 minutes and then we gave everything away. It’s only us; we’ve got to fix it.”
On if the confidence is dropping in the team:
Not really. It’s just we make mistakes, it’s very simple. You can’t make mistakes and that’s what we’ve got to eliminate.”
On the team's effort:
I liked our effort for 65 minutes and after the that, the game changed and really we gave the game away. Nothing can have a positive when you lose. We've got to play for 90 minutes, it's very simple.