LA update


Quick update before we head out for a team dinner this evening... the guys trained behind closed doors this afternoon on a practice field at the Home Depot Center. The team played some possession, worked on defensive posture and finished with some set pieces. 

Prior to today's session, Zach Wells and Jaime Moreno took part in a short press conference along with Chivas USA's Paulo Nagamura and Brad Guzan. A few excerpts from Señor Moreno when he was asked about the team's early season struggles:

"The reason is simple - we're not playing well. We worked so hard from pre-season and now we find ourselves at this point. At the end of the day, it's the players who play the game. The coaches can only do so much... soccer is about not making mistakes and we've allowed too many. We know we're going to score goals, but we need to defend better, starting from the forwards all the way to the back." 

A few other notes: Ben Olsen is with the team offering any help and guidance he can. He also really likes crossword puzzles... Saw former United forward (and MLS Cup MVP) Alecko Eskandarian in the hotel lobby. He's still hurt, but as friendly as ever... It's going to be hot tomorrow.