Photo of the Day: Ben Olsen Day 2005

An introduction, Part I: Ben Olsen is known as a very stylish guy. Some might say too stylish. He has a very unique look - one all his own. On a given day he might wear jean shorts, a sleeveless tee and chucks. Another day might bring an old, ratty t-shirt and a pair of designer jeans complemented with a winter hat. You just never know what Benny might be wearing... 

An introduction, Part II: Remember 2005? I do. It was my first year with United. That particular team had one of the most interesting - and entertaining - group of young players. Trips to the locker room brought something different and unexpected each day. On one particular day, a group of players decided to deem a day "Ben Olsen Day." The challenge to teammates was simple: come to practice wearing your most Ben Olsen-esque attire. As you see in the photo above, the guy did not disappoint.  


From the left: Matt Nickell, Bobby Boswell, Jaime Moreno, Jason Thompson (JT), Shawn Kuykendall, Alecko Eskandarian, The Man of Honor, Nick Van Sicklen and Brian Carroll. 

Whose attire do you like best?