Which of your five senses is your favorite? If you said "hearing" than this is the post for you. The Screaming Eagles and folks over at both have new audio podcasts up and ready for your listening pleasure. 

The UnitedMania podcast airs live every Sunday evening at 7 p.m. (ET) over at and all past episodes can be accessed here (you can subscribe via iTunes, too). The most recent episode includes John Haydon of the Washington Times and Beau Dure of USA Today as guests. Give it a listen

The Screaming Eagles podcast is hosted by one David S. Lifton (Mr. Booked For Dissent) and usually airs within a day after each United game. The newest edition includes post-game quotes from Tom Soehn, Marcelo Gallardo and Zach Wells following the loss to Columbus last Thursday. Check it out right here