And your 2008 NCAA champion is...

 .. the University of Memphis Tigers! 

In a highly calculated and scientific manner, I can with 100% confidence tell you that Memphis will defeat the Kansas University Jayhawks 74-71 this evening in the NCAA title game. You might be asking yourself, "how can he be so sure? How does he know?"

My answer? D.C. United told me. And if a soccer team determined it, then it must be so. Here's the breakdown: 15 picked Memphis to win (13 players, two coaches) and 14 picked Kansas to win (13 players, one coach). Following are their predictions: 

Zach Wells: Memphis, 70-67
Quavas Kirk: Memphis, 78-64
Domenic Mediate: Memphis, 76-72
Luciano Emilio:, Memphis, 95-92
Jeremy Barlow: Memphis, 85-82
Dane Murphy: Memphis, 83-76
Devon McTavish: Memphis, 96-88
Clyde Simms: Memphis, 80-74
Ryan Cordeiro: Memphis, 82-78
Santino Quaranta: Memphis, 60-55
Bryan Namoff: Memphis, 78-70
Franco Niell: Memphis, 94-86
Jeff Curtin: Memphis, 73-64
Assistant Coach Chad Ashton: Memphis, 75-63
Assistant Coach Mark Simpson: Memphis 74-77
Average Memphis score: 79.93
Average Kansas score: 73.86
Marcelo Gallardo: Kansas, 84-73
Gonzalo Peralta: Kansas, 89-80
Marc Burch: Kansas, 78-70
Ben Olsen: Kansas, 74-58
Rod Dyachenko: Kansas, 69-58
Dan Stratford: Kansas, 73-66
Fred: Kansas, 89-80
Jose Carvallo: Kansas, 75-69
Pat Carroll: Kansas, 76-72
Gonzalo Martinez: Kansas, 74-65
Jeff Carroll: Kansas, 67-63
Jaime Moreno: Kansas, 72-68
Mike Zaher: Kansas, 80-73 
Head Coach Tom Soehn: Kansas, 77-70
Average Kansas score: 76.71
Average Memphis score: 67.78
15 pick Memphis, 14 pick Kansas
Total average Memphis score: 74.06
Total average Kansas score: 70.93

Those who think Memphis will win obviously think it will be a fairly high-scoring affair, while the Kansas supporters are relying on a more defensive battle. By totaling up the average score of all predictions, you'll see that we come to a 74-71 Memphis win. 

If this isn't a completely foolproof way to determine tonight's winner, then I just don't know what is. Care to take a guess as to which player's prediction will be correct? I'm going with the well-informed Franco Neill and his 94-86 Memphis win.