A full day at RFK

Training as usual today for the Black-and-Red.  Here are the things that hard core United fans need to know:

After an extended warm-up, several of the first XI worked out on their own.  Conditioning, ball work and stretching were the key components of their workout.

The others, including Jaime Moreno, participated in possession drills before playing a small-sided game to goals.

Newest acquisition Mike Zaher trained with the team for the first time today.

But wait, there's more.  After training, the team and the front office met for lunch.  Why is this important? United has always made a point to be sure that players and staff know who each other are and what there role is in the club.  Said Kevin Payne to the group, "Whether you're Dot Foster (the club receptionist) at the front desk or Jaime Moreno, you are equally important to this organization.  We succeed together."

Some funny moments included Gonzalo Martinez introducing himself as 'El Jefe', Luciano Emilio, reigning League MVP and Golden Boot recipient, declaring himself a goalkeeper, and Devon McTavish and Domenic Mediate not sure as to their spot on the field.  In the end, D.C. United are ready for the MLS home opener on Saturday night. 

To end, please check out some other good stuff in the blogosphere.  Soccer Insider Steve Goff provides great insight to the season ahead in his live chat yesterday afternoon and Bog Man Dan Steinberg takes a look at United's famed new aquisition.