Community America Futbol Park


The team got their first-ever peek at the Wizards new home tonight - Community America Ballpark. The field did not seem all too unfamiliar to the players who have played the last couple of years at RFK, as a bit of the pitch has sod laid over a baseball infield. The majority of the pitch seems to be in solid condition. And, all things considered, the new digs look pretty good. The atmosphere should be much better than the cavernous Arrowhead - it certainly has a little personality. 

The team spent nearly 90 minutes training, running through a long warm-up, some possession work and finally some finishing. Spirits seem to be strong and all are ready to get the MLS season underway. 

Time to watch some basketball. 

UPDATE: We've added a few photos from training today. Click on the "Videos & Pics" link above.