Stadium FAQ

For answers to commonly asked questions, please see our FAQ list below.

For answers to anything not found here, please contact us at (202) 587-5000.


How do I purchase accessible seating?

  • Accessible seating can be purchased online through Ticketmaster or by calling 1-800- 653-8000. If you’re interested in purchasing Season Tickets in an accessible area, please call 202-587-5000. If you have not purchased accessible seating, please find  Guest Services representative in order to exchange tickets for an ADA seat, or visit the Ticket Services window at the Box Office, located at the Main Gate.

In what sections is accessible seating located?

  • Accessible seating is offered in sections 201, 203, 207, 211 and 215 on the team bench side of the stadium. Accessible seating is also offered in sections 228, 232, 235 and 237 on the supporters’ side.

What are the Box Office hours on match day?

  • Tickets can be purchased on match day at one of our ticket trailers located outside of either Gate A or F. Trailers open two hours before kickoff for sales.
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the Main Gate Box Office on match day prior to the opening of the ticket trailers. This location is generally open at least five hours prior to kickoff. The Main Gate Box Office closes for ticket sales two hours prior to kickoff.
  • Tickets can also be purchased online

Are there designated seating sections for visiting team fans?

  • D.C. United keeps section 318 reserved for visiting team supporters. Tickets can be purchased directly through each club’s respective supporter group. You can also purchase tickets through D.C. United by contacting 202-587-5478 and mentioning that you would like to purchase tickets as a visiting team supporter. Please note that no visiting team supporter tickets can be purchased on the day of the match.

What happens if I lose my tickets?

  • We would be happy to issue replacement tickets if your tickets are ever lost or stolen. Please contact D.C. United Customer Service at 202-587-5000. Be sure to have any purchase confirmation information available so we can best assist you. 

What is the refund and exchange policy for tickets?

  • Unfortunately, D.C. United has a no refund and no exchange policy on ticket purchases. However, Season Ticket Members have access to our ticket exchange policy. If you are a Season Ticket Member and would like more information, please call your D.C. United Representative at 202-587-5000 or go exchange your tickets online via Account Manager. 

Can I receive a discount by purchasing a large block of tickets?

  • Yes, we do offer group discounts for groups of 10 or more tickets. For more information, contact D.C. United at 202-587-5000 and ask to speak to a group sales representative.

At what age does a child require a ticket?

  • Children 3 and up require a ticket, children younger than 3 do not need a ticket to enter a D.C. United match as long as the child does not require his/her own seat.

Ticketing (Season Ticket Members)

I’m a Season Ticket Member, how do I exchange my tickets?

  • Season Ticket Members can exchange tickets in two ways:
    1. Mail your unused tickets to D.C. United at this address: 2400 East Capitol St, SE - Attn: Ticket Exchange - Washington, DC 20003
    Be sure to include a note with your tickets, explaining to which of our designated exchange matches you would like to exchange your tickets.
    Once the exchange request is processed, we will mail you the new tickets.
    2. You may also exchange your tickets to a future match while at a D.C. United home match. Once you enter the stadium, you can stop by the Champions Club located behind section 101 and we can process your exchange request there.

How do I log onto Account Manager?

  • Account Manager is a feature used to print tickets from home, forward tickets to friends, and make payments on your season tickets. You can reach Account Manager HERE
  • Account Manager can be accessed by utilizing your Season Ticket Member number (this number can be found on any of your season tickets) or the email address associated with your season ticket account. You will also need to enter your password. If you forgot your password, you can select ‘forgot password’ and a temporary password will be emailed to you. You can also contact D.C United customer service at 202-587-5465, 5466 or 5467 for password and login information.

How do I purchase additional tickets at my Season Ticket Member discount rate?

  • All Season Ticket Members have the ability to purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate. To purchase tickets at this price, please contact your D.C. United account representative or call us at 202-587-5000.


What time do gates open?

  • For all D.C. United home games, gates will open one (1) hour prior to the scheduled kick-off time.

What time does Will Call open?

  • Will Call opens four (4) hours prior to the scheduled kick-off time for all home games. It is located at the Main Gate Box Office.

Where do I purchase tickets at the stadium on gameday?

  • You may purchase gameday tickets from any of the following locations:
    Ticket trailer located at Gate A.
    Ticket trailer located at Gate F.
    Tickets for the designated supporter sections can be purchased at the ticket trailer between gates A and B only.

How much does parking cost?

  • Parking is $20 per vehicle. Buses, limousines, and RVs are $45 per vehicle.

What items are prohibited at RFK Stadium?

  • Some common items that are not allowed at RFK Stadium are umbrellas, coolers, and bottled water. See the full list of all prohibited items here.

If I have a question during the match, who can I ask or where should I go?

  • You may direct any questions to our Guest Services staff, outfitted in blue shirts, and dispersed throughout the concourse and seating sections. You may also direct any questions to our customer service team located in the Guest Services Center behind section 307.

What is the policy on tailgating?

  • Tailgating is allowed in the parking lots before any D.C. United home game. The official D.C. United tailgate is held in Lot 8, three (3) hours before gates open.
  • Please see the “Tailgating” section of the A to Z Guide for more information.

How do I get a personalized message on the video board?

  • D.C. United’s “Name in Lights” allows fans to give a $50 or $100 donation to DC SCORES in order to get a personalized message and/or photo on the video board.
    Please visit our website for rules and regulations regarding the Name in Lights Program.

How long does a typical game last?

  • All MLS games are regulated at 90 minutes or two (2) 45-minute halves with a 15 minute half-time between the halves. Additional time will be added at the discretion of the referee.

What is the weather policy?

  • D.C. United home matches will be played rain or shine.
  • In the event of a severe weather occurrence (i.e. lightning, tornado, earthquake), the game may be delayed, postponed, or cancelled.

Where should I go for medical assistance during a game?

  • RFK stadium has two First Aid locations in the stadium, on the 200 level behind section 225, the 300 level behind section 307. There are EMT’s in the stadium that are ready to respond to emergencies. If you, or someone you know, are experiencing a medical emergency, please notify our Guest Services staff (in blue shirts throughout the concourse) for assistance.

Where are restrooms located at the stadium?

  • Restrooms are located throughout the concourse in the stadium as well as in the mezzanine level. Please see a Guest Services representative upon entry for more information.

Where are the concession stands located?

Where can I purchase team merchandise on gameday?

  • Official D.C. United merchandise can be purchased at the Official D.C. United Team Store, located at Main Gate, which is open 3.5 hours before kick-off. Fans may also purchase items at the Official Team Store kiosks located throughout the concourse at the following locations:
    Gate A concourse behind section 210
    Gate B concourse behind section 204
    Gate C concourse behind section 232
    Concourse between sections 201 and 237
    Official Tailgate located in Lot 8
  • The D.C. United Team Store is also open throughout the week.
  • Follow the Team Store on Twitter @DCUteamstore

Where is the Champions Club located?

  • The Champions Club is located on the 300 level of the concourse between sections 301 and 338.


How do I tryout for the first team?

  • D.C. United does not hold tryouts for the first team.

How do I tryout for one of the academy teams?

  • D.C. United’s academy teams hold tryouts every summer. For up-to-date timing for the tryouts, visit the academy section of and follow the academy teams on Twitter @DCUyouth for inside information on tryouts and teams.

When is the D.C. United season?

Where does the team practice?

  • D.C. United practices at the RFK Stadium training fields on the RFK Stadium campus. Team practices are not open to the public.

How can I request a player appearance?

  • You may request a D.C. United player appearance online here.