Post-Match Facts: D.C. United vs Columbus Crew | May 2, 2015

D.C. United Head Coach Ben Olsen:

On overall thoughts of the game:

It’s a 2-0 win against a good team, and I was very pleased with the way we started the game. We wanted to make them feel uncomfortable, and I think we did that. We struck early on a counter and finished a set piece, areas we thought we could take advantage of, and it’s good to see those pay off. I thought we defended well and were tough to break down. I would have liked to do better on the other end and get that third goal, because I thought it was there, but that’s coming. Our ability to be clean and precise on the break, as you saw with the [Chris] Rolfe and Fabi [Espindola] one, is coming along. 

On Fabian Espindola’s performance:

Fabi getting back in to form wasn’t a real concern of ours. Physically and mentally this is what he does, he plays soccer for a living and he wants to score goals. It’s great to have him back out there. He plays with a fire that we all love and I think the guys rally behind his energy. I thought Rolfe was very classy again and Davy and Perry did a lot of work in the midfield. It’s a tough battle on the outsides, especially for the outside midfielders and outside backs, because of the way Columbus plays. They are so aggressive you have to be good defensively and I thought we were for large stretches of the game.

On closing a game out after dropping points the last two home games:

We closed the game out a week ago as well. I didn’t think that was going to be a trend of ours, but its good to be up two goals and keep a shutout. I thought Bill was steady and our backs were good. It was good to see Sean get a goal, so overall a good night. But, we’ll put it to bed and we will move on because we have another good team next week.

On the best start in D.C. United history despite being without some players to start the year:

We’re lucky; haven’t you read everything about us [laughs].

D.C. United midfielder Davy Arnaud

On Fabian Espindola’s impact on the team:

Yea, you can see what he does for us and this is only his second game back. We are almost 10 games in and as the games go on he’s going to continue to do the same thing for us. We are at our best when he is good.

On if there was concern about him not coming back and being in rhythm with the team:

No, I mean Fabi has been around long enough. He’s not in his first couple years, he’s been in a lot of games and he competes. I think he’s confident in himself whether he’s playing well or not having his best game, he’s confident in his abilities. He’s fit right back in.

D.C. United Defender Sean Franklin:

On his goal:

I was at the back post and I’m lucky it was the right place at the right time. I’m glad I finally got that first goal, knowing I should have had some earlier this season, but it feels good to score. I just went to the spot I was supposed to run and Fabi did the hard part, putting the ball in the right area.

On a complete performance and not giving up a late goal:

We talk about playing a complete game, and we did it tonight. It wasn’t perfect, but we kept the shutout which is important. We are going to look at the film and get better. I thought towards the end of the game hey were throwing numbers at us and we did a good job of holding them off.

On the teams hot start to the season:

It’s good. We won games maybe we shouldn’t have won and vice versa, but it’s a good team. We have a good locker room, and there are things we need to get right and get better at, but it’s a positive start to the season.

Columbus Crew Head Coach Gregg Berhalter

On loss to D.C. United:

It’s about those small moments and in those small moments we didn’t execute. They had the corner kick they scored on and our corner kick they scored on. It’s a good lesson. D.C. is a very good team but I feel that we have to be sharper in those small moments.

On goal differential:

The game is ultimately about scoring goals and we didn’t do that tonight. Credit D.C. for defending very well but we still need to be better, we need to be sharper on the goal, we need to take more chances around the goal, and tonight we didn’t have it.

On half-time adjustments:

Well again, I thought it was about the small moments and every play is important, every play matters, and that’s what we need to focus on. We need to get the ball wide and we need to put it in front of the goal much quicker than we were in the first half.

On D.C. United:

It’s a good team, and I expect them to be up near the top at the end of the season as well.

Columbus Crew midfielder Mohammed Saeid

On the game:

It’s hard to describe this early after the game but I think we made a couple of mistakes on their goals. They countered us and they scored on the chances they had. I think we dominated possession and we had a lot of chances and I think at the end of the game people came through on goal. I don’t know if it’s a penalty or a free kick but I mean he had a perfect touch I don’t know why he would go down. And the referee… referee’s referee you know you can’t really say anything about it.

On strategy going into second half:

To raise our game to play quicker, to go forward, get crosses in early, get tackles in and overall try to do better in the second half.

On playing Seattle next week:

We just got to let this go and look forward to the next game. We can’t really do much for this game- it’s already gone but we can learn from it and hopefully take it to the next game where we can do better.

Columbus Crew SC midfielder Kristinn Steindorsson

On half-time adjustments:

For me, just play my role, do the things that I am supposed to do, try and get on the ball, get on the pockets, and create space for Chris to run behind us.

On 38 crosses:

It’s a good way to create chances and our four backs to play high-up and we want to get them the ball and try and put it in the crosses. Tonight, they weren’t really there, and there were too many crosses that were going behind or hitting their defender. It was a shame.

On Seattle:

We just travel back home tomorrow, and we start there, with our training. We put this game behind us and just focus on Seattle, I mean we are playing at home and we know what we can do at home.