4th Day of Giving: Food and Friends

It is easy to forget how  much we have to be thankful for.  We all can get in the habit of taking things for granted, like the food on our tables or our good health.  Thanksgiving is a great reminder for us all to take a step back and appreciate what we have and to help those around us in our community who may not be as lucky.   Our neighbors down the road at Food & Friends were able to provide some of the D.C. United staff with insight on how one small act can change a person’s day.

Food & Friends is a home-delivered meal service, which was founded in 1988.  It was originally a service for people with HIV/AIDS and has since transitioned to also serve those living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.  These people are provided with ready-to-eat meals and television-style dinners.

The volunteer coordinator shared that we would be running delivery routes today and briefed our group on the rules and what to expect or do if certain issues came up.  Six of the front office staff excitedly braved the cold and rainy temperatures, and broke off into two D.C. United vans to begin planning our routes. 

My van delivered in Southeast and serviced different types of facilities.  First on our list was an assisted living type of facility.  Our van was immediately recognized by some of the elderly residents in the lobby.  One excitedly asked if he could come and play for the team while the other joked that we better not bring him along if we wanted to be good!

Our next stops were at different apartment complexes and houses where we received the same warm reception from all the recipients, especially one lady who was very concerned that we were out in this weather and sweetly advised us to get “out of the cold and rainy mess!”  Everyone kept us entertained and on our toes from all the jokesters and kindhearted people, to the Terminix guy answering the door for the sweet elderly man walking down to greet us in his terrycloth bathrobe (can’t blame a guy for being comfy!).

All of us were happy to partner with the wonderful organization of Food & Friends for our 4th Day of Giving.  Being able to see each person who is affected with these life threatening illness receive their meals was a fulfilling experience.  It is a nice reminder that we should strive to always help those in need and be thankful, not just around Thanksgiving, but everyday.  Food & Friends is indeed “delivering hope, one meal at a time.”