United Soccer Club's "Spring Kick" was a huge success!

United Soccer Club’s “Spring Kick” Soccer Tournament took place on Wednesday, June 5 and marked the end of United Soccer Club’s (USC) spring season. With over 400 players from 12 sites across the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, “Spring Kick” gave kids an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of their friends and families, as many of the player’s parents were in attendance. USC provided the athletes with healthy food and drink options, stressing a healthy lifestyle.

USC continues to teach D.C.’s youth life skills that benefit them both on and off the field. This spring alone, USC enrolled close to 700 children in the program, increasing the reach and impact United for D.C.—D.C. United’s charitable arm— has on the city as a whole.

United for D.C. would like to thank all of its volunteers from Gallup, Clinovations, the U.S. Coast Guard, D.C. United staff, United for D.C. board members and all of its local supporters.