Soccer Insider thinks attendance will only be 16,000 Saturday – help prove him wrong!

In a Tuesday afternoon blog post on, the Soccer Insider thinks that only 16,000 fans will pack RFK on Saturday night for D.C. United’s home opener. The Insider called a sell out “ambitious,” but I think fans of the Black-and-Red would beg to differ.

Following a run at the MLS Cup last year, D.C. United sold out two of its final three games and took back RFK, putting together an impressive 18 game unbeaten streak. In the Eastern Conference final, held at RFK on a blustery mid-November night, D.C. United had to open up additional seats for the Black-and-Red faithful to cheer on the team. 20,015 packed the house that night, well-surpassing the set capacity of 19,647.

Yesterday, at the club’s 11th annual United for D.C. Kickoff Luncheon, Head Coach Ben Olsen said that “one of the things I’m most proud of from last year is that we became relevant again in this city and we gave our fans and new fans belief that D.C. is ready to compete again for Championships.”

Despite a snowstorm bearing down on the Greater Washington Region, gametime weather for Saturday is expected to be 55 degrees and sunny – perfect conditions to make a trip to RFK with your family or friends. Click here to buy tickets and prove the Soccer Insider wrong.