Will Chang Q&A

October has been a good month for D.C. United and San Francisco Giants owner Will Chang. Both of his teams are in the post-season. United clinched a spot on Saturday night and, last night, the San Francisco Giants advanced to the World Series with a 9-0 win over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 7 of the NLCS. Obviously, he is thrilled. He shares his thoughts below.

What it is like to have both of your teams in the playoffs?

Will Chang: My dream come true will be to bring home an MLS Cup and a World Series Trophy. It is wonderful experience to have one of your teams in the playoffs, but to have two is indeed very special. Both D.C. United and the Giants have overcome many adversities to get into the postseason.

Will Chang holding the 2010 World Series trophy

When DeRo suffered a season ending injury, many people wrote us off. However, something special happened ... each and every player on our team stepped up and started to play better. That’s what championship teams do….they overcome adversity and succeed! The story about the Giants is similar. When Brian Wilson suffered a season ending injury, many wrote us off. Then we lost Melky Cabrera, again, many said our season was doomed. We lost two of our best players, everyone else stepped up and started to play better.

What was your reaction to Lewis Neal’s goal in the 91st minute?

WC: My first reaction was overwhelming delight. I showed it by screaming as loud as I could. Then the feeling of relief came over me, as I realized that this clinched our playoff berth, after several seasons of disappointment. I am so happy that Lewis scored the game-winning goal, too. It was a beautiful goal, but you also have to give credit to Branko who gave Lewis a perfect pass for an assist. I am also happy for Nick who set a club record for most number of goals by a rookie. There are many great players who started their career at D.C. United, so this is a special honor for him.

If, by chance, United and the Giants play at the same time - how do you follow both games?

WC:Fortunately, the World Series and the MLS Cup will not be played at the same time. During the season, if both teams are playing at the same time, I try to watch the D.C. United game in real time and watch the Giants on TiVo later. I try to impose a news blackout so that I preserve the element of surprise and excitement.

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