What's the most soccer-mad school in the region?

Saturday is College Night at RFK Stadium. Tickets are $20 for students that purchase online using their .edu e-mail address before 5:00 PM on Friday (Sept. 14) and then $22 at RFK Stadium ticket windows on Saturday. Your Black-and-Red kick off against the New England Revolution at 7:30 PM.

So, what's the most soccer-mad school in the region?

Well, based on ticket sales, it seems to be The George Washington University. Here's the current top 5:

  1. The George Washington University
  2. Georgetown University
  3. American University
  4. George Mason University
  5. Gallaudet University

Updated: 2:00 PM ET - Sept. 15

Buy a ticket to help move your school into first place and then show your school pride on Twitter (#DCUcollegenight) or in the comments below.

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