Fan Allocation Money

We’re excited to provide a new and exciting way to use your D.C. United season tickets and maximize your membership.

With Fan Allocation Money (FAM), you will have an unprecedented level of control over your season tickets, and a guaranteed way to preserve value for unused tickets throughout the 2019 D.C. United season.


 What is Fan Allocation Money?

Fan Allocation Money (FAM) is a virtual currency designed to give season ticket members more value and flexibility with their season tickets.

 How do I acquire FAM?

FAM is acquired when you trade your tickets back to the club through the D.C. United app, allowing you to receive value for tickets you do not use.

 In what ways can FAM be used?

FAM can be used in the following ways to improve your experience at Audi Field:

- Acquiring additional tickets to bring family and friends to matches (based on availability).
- Purchasing or buying down ticket upgrades, including all-inclusive club-level seats.
- Purchasing VIP Experiences like pitch-side access during team warm ups.
- Redeeming credit for food and beverage.


 How do I trade in my tickets for FAM?

Via the D.C. United app, available in the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). 

 Can I trade in individual seats for FAM?

Yes, you can trade in any individual ticket that is part of your season ticket plan.

 How much FAM do I receive when I trade in tickets? 

The amount of FAM received in exchange for a ticket is based on the cost per ticket as part of your season membership.

 When is the latest that I can trade in tickets before a match?

To receive full value for your tickets in FAM, they must be traded in 48 hours prior to the scheduled kickoff. Tickets traded in less than 48 hours before scheduled kickoff will receive 60% of the ticket’s value.

 What happens to my seats when I trade in my tickets?

Your seats are returned to the team and may be used by other fans who are upgrading their seats or purchasing additional seats.  This allows Audi Field an opportunity to always be packed! Once you trade your tickets in exchange for FAM, they will no longer show on your account.

 Can I trade tickets in through email or over the phone?

No, but your D.C. United account executive will be available to help you trade in your tickets through the D.C. United app.

 Can I cancel a trade-in after completing the transaction? 

No, but you may use your FAM to purchase other tickets for the match if there is available inventory.

 If someone transferred seats to me for a game, may I trade those tickets in for FAM?

No, once tickets have been transferred from one account to another, they are no longer eligible to be traded in for FAM.

 I listed my tickets for sale, but they haven't sold yet. Can I still trade in my tickets for FAM?

Yes, tickets that have been listed for sale can be traded in for FAM, but you must cancel the listing first. No tickets that are actively posted for sale can be traded in for FAM.

 I am on a payment plan for my D.C. United membership. Is there any impact on my ability to trade in my tickets?

Only tickets that have been fully paid for are eligible to be returned through the app. On a payment plan, the earliest games in a season are paid off first before later games. If this is preventing you from returning tickets, please contact your Membership Account Executive.


 Where can I view my FAM balance?

You can view your current FAM balance in the profile section of the app.

 How early can I upgrade my tickets or acquire additional tickets using FAM? 

You are encouraged to redeem FAM as early as possible for tickets while inventory is available.

 How much FAM will an additional ticket cost?

Tickets purchased with FAM will reflect the current price of single match tickets for that match.  You will not be charged any additional ticket fees when using FAM.

 What if I want to upgrade my tickets and I do not have enough FAM to cover the cost?

You can cover the remaining balance with a credit card.

 Can I purchase additional tickets without using FAM?

Yes, if inventory is available, you may purchase additional tickets for family and friends.

 Can I redeem FAM for cash? 

No, Fan Allocation Money is a digital-only currency.

 Does FAM carry over to future seasons?

No, Fan Allocation Money can only be used on tickets and experiences for 2019 D.C. United matches.

 Can I purchase food and beverage or merchandise with FAM?

FAM cannot currently be used for any retail purchases at Audi Field. Starting in 2019, FAM can be used to purchase concessions.

 Can I use FAM toward playoff tickets?

No, FAM cannot be used for playoff tickets.