Best of 2010: US World Cup feats named Story of the Year

The Yanks' dramatics showed just how much the US loves the game
Top Story of the Year

The editorial staff at is looking back over the year with our "Best of 2010" awards, running Dec. 13 through Jan. 2. Each day we'll hand out an award from a variety of categories culled from the storylines of Major League Soccer and the North American soccer scene.

The US's headline-grabbing fortunes at the World Cup were clearly the Story of the Year in 2010.

Houapeu hopes to complete Africa to MLS journey

UMBC senior excited for MLS Combine, prepared for physicality
Houapeu eyes MLS future

Levi Houapeu is ready for his next challenge – becoming a professional soccer player in MLS. He’s come too far to give up now.

Born and raised in the Ivory Coast, Houapeu moved to Germantown, Md., when he was 12. A strong high school career in the D.C. suburbs preceded college at the University of Maryland (Baltimore County) campus.

Best of 2010 - Tweets

A selection of tweets from the 2010 season
Best of 2010 - Tweets