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Un novato con alma de grande

Un novato con alma grande

Part 1:

Fan Poll: Equipment sale date

Which day should we hold our annual equipment sale?
Fan Poll: Equipment sale

Our annual equipment sale is just around the corner and we need
your help. The one-day sale will be either Friday, December 3 or Saturday, December 4.  We want to know which day would be more popular with fans.

**Exclusive season ticket holder benefit: 2010 and 2011 Full Season Ticket Holders may begin shopping at 11:00 AM. Arrive early and show your Membership Card at the door to gain early access to the sale. Call 202-587-5000 to order season tickets.

Andy Najar toca el cielo en su primera temporada profesional

Volante del United feliz por su premio como Novato del Año
Najar toca el cielo


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WASHINGTON- Cuando en la fría mañana del martes 23 de marzo un desconocido jovencito hondureño de 17 años de edad llamado Andy Najar se incorporó a las prácticas de pretemporada del DC United en el estadio RFK, nadie pronosticó que poco más de siete meses después ese diminuto delantero sería nombrado Novato del Año de la MLS.

Voces: Andy Najar

El joven de 17 años habla sobre ganar el premio de Novato del Año de la MLS 2010
Voces: Andy Najar

El joven hondureño fue elegido como el Novato del Año de la MLS 2010. El ganador más joven de este premio, Najar habla sobre su exitosa campaña y sus metas para el próximo año.

Najar grows up fast, humbled by Rookie award

DC youngster honored, has victory on his mind for next season
Najar humbled by RotY win

WASHINGTON – Andy Najar has been laying low since the conclusion of D.C. United’s season – eating, sleeping in, spending time with his family and girlfriend, and generally doing his best to recover from a draining debut campaign.

Chang aims to replicate Giants success at DC

D.C. United owner looks ahead to a victory parade in Washington
DC owner wants SF success

NEW YORK – On Wednesday, the city of San Francisco will hold its
victory parade for the baseball Giants to celebrate their first-ever World
Series title since moving to the West Coast.

It’s an event that D.C. United owner, Will Chang, who is also
a part owner of the Giants, wants to replicate for his MLS club.

Quote Sheet: Andy Najar 2010 MLS Rookie of the Year

Kevin Payne, Dave Kasper, and Najar comment on claiming the prestigious award
Quote Sheet



D.C. United President & CEO:

We're all very proud of Andy winning the MLS Rookie of the Year Award, which he richly deserved. The last D.C. United player to win the award was Ben Olsen in 1998 -- the fact that each wore number 14, and each played with a fierce commitment and great skill and intelligence has not been lost on us. We look forward to Andy continuing to improve and expect him to have an even better second season.

El joven hondureño Andy Najar se llevó el premio al Novato del Año

Ricketts y Le Toux también ganan honores de la liga
Najar, el Novato del Año

NUEVA YORK- El joven hondureño Andy Najar cerró su año debutante en la MLS con  broche de oro al ganar el premio al Novato del Año 2010. A pesar de que su equipo D.C. United, no tuviera su mejor temporada este año, el estelar atacante -de 17 años de edad- brilló en las canchas emeleseras y se convirtió en el jugador más joven en recibir el premio.

La última vez que un delantero logró el honor fue cuando el goleador Clint Dempsey se lo llevó en el 2004.

Morsink faces uncertain future with United

Costa Rican wants to stay with DC, but may not get the chance
Morsink's unclear future

WASHINGTON – Many D.C. United players face an uncertain fate this offseason as the club prepares for another round of rebuilding under a new head coach, but few more so than midfielder Kurt Morsink.

The Costa Rican says he’d like to stay in DC and contribute to next year’s side. But his MLS contract is up and after United’s historically poor 2010 campaign, he and most of his teammates have few guarantees that the yet-to-be-named incoming boss will have a place for them in the squad.

Teen phenom Najar takes MLS Rookie of the Year

D.C. United playmaker tops Ream, Mwanga to become youngest winner
Najar named top rookie

NEW YORK --- Most pundits made the Rookie of the Year award a two-horse race between New York defender Tim Ream and Philadelphia forward Danny Mwanga.  However, Andy Najar, D.C. United's 17-year-old phenom earned the award on Wednesday, becoming the first attacking player to win the honor since Clint Dempsey in 2004.

[inline_lightbox:14074]Najar is also the youngest player to ever win the award and just the second player to win the award for a last-place team, after Maurice Edu won for Toronto FC in 2007.

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