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MLS All-Star Q&A: Bobby Boswell and Sean Franklin

The 2014 All-Star game is upon us, let's catch up with two of DCU's All-Stars

With the 2014 AT&T MLS All-Star game upon us, dcunited.com caught up with two of our All-Stars about the activities this week.

dcunited.com: What does it mean to you to be selected to this year's All-Star team?

Bobby Boswell:
It is an honor to be selected and a great chance to represent D.C. United as a club, MLS as a league, and of course my family, friends, teammates and fans who have supported me. This year, we have a great team in DC, and I honestly feel more guys should be representing the squad. Anytime you have defenders receiving nominations, it's a testament to the guys around us doing the hard work to set us up for success in the back.

Sean Franklin:
I feel very honored and privileged to be representing D.C. United and MLS. It's great to be able to be here again, this being my second time. It was definitely unexpected but glad I was picked to represent alongside my teammates and other MLS players.

dcunited.com: We saw that you both were part of a few fun activities the past couple of days. What have you been up to in Portland?

Bobby Boswell:
MLS Digital has us doing a lot of different things. Most of it is fun stuff and allows us to get to know different guys from around the league a little better. Mo [Edu] and I competed in the Vine Olympics and had some fun with it. Controlled chaos is a good way to describe Portland since we have arrived here.

Sean Franklin:
So far, I got to check out the Digital HQ. I got to mess around with some pretty cool stuff. The 360 Vine booth was cool, the Twitter mirror was fun. Hopefully today I get to test out and walk around with Google Glass.

dcunited.com: How are you feeling about the game?

Bobby Boswell:
Tomorrow is a great challenge for us. Bayern [Munich] is one of the best teams in the world, and it will be a good chance to test ourselves against some of the best players in the world.

Sean Franklin:
I am excited for the game. Not sure how much I'll play, but I'm looking forward to playing. It's not everyday you get to play against some of the best players in the world and against one of the best teams in the world. Should be a fun game.

The 2014 AT&T MLS All-Star game kicks off tonight at 9:30 p.m. ET. Tune into ESPN2 for complete coverage. Remember to use #MLSAllStar on Twitter!