Support for new D.C. United stadium ever-growing

Clinton Yates of The Washington Post lists new stadium as a 2013 resolution for the D.C. region

Big things are on the horizon for D.C. United in 2013, and we are all about the love that The Washington Post’s Clinton Yates is giving to the Black-and-Red. In a blog post this afternoon, Yates listed a new D.C. United stadium as one of three “resolutions everyone in the D.C. region can share.” Call us biased, but we quite agree!

Here is what Yates had to say:

Get D.C. United a stadium in the city. There have been discussions upon discussions about the feasibility of such a project over the past decade. All the while, the soccer team has turned from a beacon of the league to a proud franchise operating in a dinosaur of a facility.

The most recent talks include a plan to build a facility at Buzzard Point, where Pepco’s generation and substation facilities are housed, in Southwest. And though it’s not just a matter of the utility turning over the land to the city for the team’s use, that company could use a little public goodwill. Polling has showed that it’s one of the least-liked companies in the area, and fairly or not, it gets a lot of blame for pretty much anything power-related.

I’ve got an idea. Pepco turns over the land to the city, which then negotiates with development firm Akridge and Mark Ein to get a stadium deal done. Build the pitch, which could serve a lot more than just a couple of dozen pro soccer games a year, and have Pepco kick in the funds for a sponsorship naming deal. Everybody wins. As long as the lights don’t go out.