Match Analysis with Chad Ashton: "We’ll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day of the week." #DCU

Quick playoff picture update

Following last night's result, here's what the updated playoff picture looks like. Obviously, there are a lot of teams that need to catch up on games played, but D.C. finds itself in a good position after the win over KC. 
Eastern Conference – automatic berths
Columbus 39 points (10-4-9) 1.69 ppg
Chicago 38 points (10-6-8)
1.58 ppg
Western Conference – automatic berths
Houston 40 points (11-7-7) 1.6 ppg

Los Angeles 38
points (9-4-11) 1.58 ppg
Wildcard berths
Colorado 36 points
(10-7-6) 1.56 ppg
D.C. United 36
points (8-5-12) 1.44 ppg
Seattle 34 points (8-6-10) 1.41 ppg
Chivas USA 33
points (10-9-3) 1.5 ppg


Columbus vs. Chivas USA

Chicago vs. D.C. United

Houston vs. Seattle

Los Angeles vs. Colorado